After experiencing Saturday’s events it became clear that those wonderful children were teaching me life-skills too!
- Lester-Mark

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24 April 2016

27 November 2016

Lourier Primary School

Lourier Primary

Frances Cronje & Amanda Loudon

1 ON 1 with the Edubox!

It's easy to fall behind at school - especially if your life-circumstances are challenging. Frances Cronje and Amanda Loudon, two lovely, warm-hearted and truly inspiring teachers (now retired - well ... almost :-) have made it their mission to support 10 children of Lourier Primary School in their quest to catch-up with the others again.
Once a week each of the ten children will receive a 20-30 minute "1 on 1 session" during which the focus is solely on this particular child's numerical and literacy development.

Thanks to the Constantia Rotary Club (and especially to Geoff von Klemperer), Frances and Amanda have the perfect tools to work with: the so-called Edubox! This fabulous box houses several items, all of which are brimming with education and buzzing with fun:
a wooden clock for learning to read the time, an abacus to make numbers visible and additions and subtractions easy, the clever game Noughts & Crosses, a little whiteboard for writing things down, building blocks to playfully learn numbers, beading activities for fine-motor skills, a cross-stitch grid for even "finer" motor skills and so on and so on.

The currant plan is to offer this valuable Circle until the end of the year. Should you, the reader of this article, be interested in joining a "1 ON 1 Edubox Circle" at another school, please contact We agree with Nelson Mandela that education is the key for the difference we would like to see. What better way than to do it 'fun-style' with Sisanda FunDaytion!

Pictures from the Circle