I have so many amazing memories of the day (that I will cherish)!
- Robyn Watters (volunteer)

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11 April 2016

20 June 2016

Lourier Primary School

Lourier Primary

Jenni Davies

Butterfly Art Circle

Sisanda FunDaytion is teaming up with a volunteer from the "Butterfly Art Project" (see also: http://www.butterflyartproject.org/). In a nutshell: Butterfly Art is encouraging creativity and healing through Art. As part of their programme, they are [Quote] "training preschool teachers from the community on how to implement art into their preschool program. The participants [...] develop lesson plans for teaching art to [...] children. [...] Every participant finds a group of children from the community to whom they pass on the learnt skills [...]".

This is where we come in as through our work we know many children who would just love this opportunity. Art is the first subject dropped at schools who struggle financially, yet is is a wonderful and powerful medium for creativity and the expression of one's self.

We placed our volunteer Jenni Davies with Lourier Primary School in Cafda Village. Once a week, for the duration of the 2nd school term, Jenni will be teaching 12 Grade 3 children. In all likelihood, this Circle will be continued until the end of this year.

Session 1: After receiving their very own T-Shirt (uniting us as a group and keeping the school uniforms looking all clean and acceptable - Thank you, Truworths ;-) the children listened to an inspirational story about making the best of the life-situation they find themselves in. Putting this immediately into practice, the children eagerly set out to create "a pizza" together. Each child cut out a slice of paper and drew a challenging feeling or issue at the bottom and working their way up the slice, drawing solutions and positive feelings at the top. How amazing "the pizza" looked at the end!!! Those watching could also literally see the power of group-work! All in all: a fantastic first session of the Butterfly Art Circle!

Session 2 saw the children very excited as they worked with clay!

In Session 3 it was time for some creativity with their own names, which will look wonderful as the covers of their flip file portfolios.

Session 4 was dedicated to the beautiful mothers, so the children say "Happy Mother's Day" with a gift in hand!

Session 5 was all about "crazy hair" and session 6 about "Line Form".

We will be posting more information as well as pictures of this wonderful project ... as it happens :-)

Pictures from the Circle