We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today
- Stacia Tauscher

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06 June 2018

11 July 2018

Lawrence House



Magic with Butterfly Art Circle

Session 1:
This session was all about getting to know our creative artists as well as exploring colours and feelings and how they work together.

Session 2:
The children got their hands dirty tonight - learning some new clay skills and making different shapes. The session started off with a beautiful song - ‘It’s love that makes the world go round’ - to set the tone for the evening.

This session was aimed at getting the children to work together and form a beautiful mandala. A mandala is usually symmetrical, but the children brought their own twist to it and hey showed how diversity and differences can be celebrated!

Session 3:
The circle started off by having the children center themselves in an artistic way - which was very different but exciting.

The week’s art theme was ‘Teams’ or ‘Individual’ - having the children reflect on why it’s good to be in groups at times, as well as doing things individually. Our budding artists chose pictures of individuals or teams to do their beautiful art piece on for the day.

The children enjoyed drawing some of their favorite sportsman, ranging from soccer, gymnastic and netball. It was challenging at first, but they adapted incredibly well. The aim was to fill the page with colour and not leave empty spaces - which really allowed the children to express themselves and push themselves a little more than usual.

Session 4:
This art session with Katrin involved soft clay and a whole lot of chatter about animal encounters. The children could observe how a ball of clay can transform into a charismatic animal within an art circle. Something beautiful is brought to life from a simple piece of clay.

We started off with a song about movement which always assists in creating a relaxed atmosphere.

The ordinary soft pottery clay invited for play and the kids were instinctively motivated to explore its soft and responsive sensory qualities.
This self-initiated activity is perfect for the developmental needs of children.

They poke it, squeeze it, hit it, pick it up and pound it down and so on. Each time they act on the clay, the clay adjusts and responds. They were naturally fascinated and intruiged to keep experimenting.

By manipulating a piece of clay hand and eye co-ordination is developed - what a fun way to grow!

Session 5:
Katrin brought her soft clay with her as the kids had so much fun the previous time.

The children eagerly warmed up their clay by rolling it around in their little hands. It was quite apparent that they felt more confident with this art medium as they had gotten to know, "befriend" it, in the previous art sessions.

That day's theme was little birds and strong tortoises. Some of the kids let their imagination run wild! A car and a canoe was created.

We learnt some amazing facts about tortoises. Did you know that they can live up until the age of 150 years old?!

The kids also made wonderful bird nests with little eggs. The mother birds were strong and beautiful, watching their eggs carefully. Branches and hatched chicks were ideas the children also added.

It was so lovely seeing the kids take initiative.
They have gained confidence and have let their guard down. Now they let their imagination play with the clay!

Session 6:
Today was all about the beauty of the African Sunset and the images ignited in the mind when one thinks of the Savannah - magic! It was also an opportunity for the children to experiment with using only 3 colours - red, orange and black and mixing them all together to create a sunset.

Pictures from the Circle