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22 September 2016

02 December 2016

Mfuleni (Blue Downs area)


Edward Tanka

Laduma Early Childhood Development Circle

In September we started a circle called Laduma at Masigcine Children's Home, based at Mfuleni in the Blue Downs area. The initial plan for this circle was to make sure that kids are entertained and stimulated through educational games and sport. In doing so, our wonderful volunteer from Truworths, Edward Tekwa, saw more need than just playing and of course relieving the carers who work at the home. He realized that the kids need more activities that will enhance their learning ability. So he has started a reading corner where kids can have access to books and learn the importance and joy of reading, as well as drawing projects, colouring in, and supervised engagement with educational toys.

We are so excited about the future results of this project, knowing that literacy is a struggle in this community, not only for kids in this home but to the community at large.

If you would like to contribute to this project, you may do so by donating a book or any educational item, appropriate for the age of three to eight years. Contact Busi at

Thanks to Edward Tekwa for having such heart to give back and serve in this community on behalf of Sisanda Fundaytion. It is people like him who make it possible for us to the work we do better.

Pictures from the Circle