Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman


We provide life-changing experiences and inspiration by creating moments to CONNECT THROUGH PLAY

Vulnerable children in Cape Towns townships rarely get opportunities to learn, play and grow in different environments, with new people or in new ways. 

Learning from the children, we help to create a range of experiences, opportunities, and catalytic moments which feed the mind, body and spirit and ignite an excitement and a sense of possibility for the future. Our spectrum of programmes offer diverse recreational and play in their homes, communities and the greater Cape Town society. 

We prepare our volunteers, on how to be a positive role model for children and we equip them to work with us to implement the different programmes. Our programmes, enable a connection and shared learning experience during a one off Fun event, a time bound but regular group learning workshop or within daily life in the community.

We spend loads of time and energy planning our programmes and events to ensure each interaction is safe, enjoyable and a positive experience, making a difference in the lives of all the children, volunteers and sponsors involved.

The Sisanda Fun Day programme has been alive since day 1 in March 2009 and the Youth Connect programme was born in July 2013. The Sisanda Circles programme came into being in June 2012 and Storytime was added in 2020. Our newest programme Play@home were initiated out of the needs of the 2020 COVID pandemic. 

Fun Days: This programme has 2 types of activities: Fun Days and Youth Connect. These activities create opportunities in which children and volunteers from different backgrounds and cultures are united through Fun and new experiences. A great opportunity to see a new part of Cape Town and learn about our environment while having fun and breaking down preconceived prejudices and barriers.

Circles: positive role models expose children to new skills or hobbies, enabling them to uncover their interests and unique talents. Our on-line Sisanda Storytime uses stories, movement and songs to connect, inspire and stimulate hungry minds. 

Play@home: Play ambassadors in the community are trained to introduce families to ideas and methods of interacting with each other through play to positively impact their well-being and family relationships. 


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