After experiencing Saturday’s events it became clear that those wonderful children were teaching me life-skills too!
- Lester-Mark

The Team

Nicky Seymour
Corinna Cuff

Melanie Lippert
Nonkululeko Gwele

Bonga Myekeni

Since 2009 we have grown from four individuals initiating the organisation as volunteers to a small team of committed employees who manage and run the programmes. The Board continues to be involved with major financial and strategic decisions. Together, the team brings skills in teaching, counselling, psychology, anthropology, occupational therapy, project management, public relations, journalism, communications and community development. Above all,we have a contagious passion for changing the lives of disadvantaged children in South Africa.

The Trustees

Nicky Seymour
Martha Evans
Melissa Wallace

Who we are

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Our Vision

A world in which all children can experience the joy of being children.

Our Mission

To inspire and equip positive role models who can uplift the wellbeing and uncover the potential of vulnerable children through recreation and play

Our Values

Recreation and play: We believe in the importance of play and recreation for healthy, holistic development of the mind, body and soul. Through exposure to meaningful after-school experiences you can practice what you learn in school in the real world and become an adaptive, resilient and creative, compassionate and curious individual. 
Fun: We believe fun, laughter and enjoyment are catalysts to an open mind and an open heart.
Opportunity: We believe that hopes and dreams for the future come from exposure to what is out there and what is possible. With these different opportunities a spark can be ignited and can create a drive to invest in life now!
Connections and social confidence: We believe that a better future for SA lies in the ability for people to understand each other, respect each other, see the similarities, appreciate the differences and feel comfortable with interaction. We believe we can all learn from each other and with each other. The impact is more likely to be long lasting.
Active citizenship: We believe that everyone can make a contribution and we aim to break down barriers and illustrate the joy in connecting with people from diverse backgrounds.

Our Registration Details
Trust registration number: IT 3973/2009
NPO number: 080-949 NPO
Section 18a reference number:  PBO 9300033409

Our Motivation

South Africa boasts some of the world’s most spectacular attractions but most of the children who live here aren’t aware of this. Many children face enormous challenges like sickness, extreme poverty and escalating crime that force them to grow up too quickly, without experiencing the simple pleasures that make most children happy: fresh air, colourful surroundings, smiles, hugs, healthy food to nurture their bodies (and not-so-healthy treats to nurture their souls), fun, freedom, and opportunities to jump, sing, run wild, play and laugh out loud.

These same children so often lack a connection with inspirational, caring role models. Developing self-respect, creativity and confidence to interact with people of different ages and cultures are all skills which are needed for children to grow into happy and productive adults. Fun and relaxed environments make learning these skills far easier and more enduring.  

Through our various programmes, Sisanda FunDaytion responds to this challenge by creating recreational opportunities, with our volunteers, for disadvantaged children. We partner with children’s homes, community centres, health and institutional centres, as well as other non-profit organisations to identify children in need of recreational support and fun. We work with boys and girls between 5 and 17 years of age, within the Western Cape.

Our History

It all started when one of Sisanda’s founding trustees, Daniella, was working at an HIV clinic. The clinic was under-resourced and in dire need of equiptment and improved facilities - the children's area had no chairs, no toys and no psychologist.  There, she met a group of 12 children who were HIV positive, who were living in an impoverished environment and had been exposed to many traumatic experiences. The convener asked them to share their biggest wish for Christmas, no matter how big or impossible. She listened, quietly, at the back of the room as 8 of the 12 children said that they wished to go to the beach. This was preposterous! It was the height of summer and they were only 20 minutes from the nearest beach.

She sent out an emotional cry on Facebook to ask for people to donate so that she could help the clinic and help the children realise their dream. The response was phenomenal. Not only did the donations transform the clinic’s environment by redecorating, providing food, buying chairs and toys, hiring a psychologist and training two youth counsellors but it also left enough money to take 37 children to the beach for the day.

It was supposed to be a simple day, but we could never have predicted the impact it would have, not only on the children whose joy was palpable, but the 14 'volunteers' who experienced what it means to give to another in this country. It was transformative for all and that one outing lead to the start of our NPO, Sisanda FunDaytion. Sisanda FunDaytion is named after one little girl, Sisanda, who they met along the way and is a name that in Xhosa means ‘We are growing’.

Today, just over 9 years later, we have done many days like this with thousands of children from more than 50 different clinics, orphanages and community centers in the Western Cape with the help of our volunteers. The children we have worked with are incredibly impoverished, largely HIV-positive and simply do not experience the kind of days we are able to give them - days where they are free, days where they have access to the beauty of our country and days where they feel deeply cared for. There have been spin-offs - Christmas gifts, food parcels, teen movie nights, work experience and an adoption.

We are now registered as Sisanda FunDaytion, an NPO, named after one very special child we met along the way. 

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