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Sisanda Fundaytion has been
connecting south africans
through play...

Since 2009

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"Play is the Highest Form of Research" - Albert Einstein

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Who We  Are

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Sisanda FunDaytion is a not-for-profit organisation boosting the mental health of vulnerable children and youth in Cape Town, South Africa by helping them to strengthen connections and to learn and grow through recreation and play. 

We strive for a world in which all children can experience the joy of being children. We create opportunities for children, youth and adults to connect with each other and to learn about themselves and the wonders of the world we live in. We believe in equality, inclusion and each individuals unique potential, and we are passionate about the potential of play.

Join Us For A Brief Introduction

Who we are

Our Vision

A world in which all children can experience the joy of being children and have the relationships and resilience to thrive.

Our Mission

To inspire and equip positive role models who can uplift the wellbeing and uncover the potential of vulnerable children through recreation and play.

Registration Details

Trust number: IT 3973/2009
NPO number: 080-949 NPO
Section 18a:  PBO 9300033409

B BBEEE Level 1 status

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Our Values



We believe in the importance of play and recreation for healthy, holistic development of the mind, body and spirit. Social, emotional, and life skills strengthened through meaningful and enjoyable experiences can help you become a resilient, creative, curious and driven individual.


We believe fun and laughter are catalysts to an open mind and an open heart.

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Connections: Ubuntu

We believe that a better future for all of us lies in our ability to understand each other and respect each other, to see the similarities, appreciate the differences, and have the confidence to grow together.


We believe that curiosity, inspiration and dreams for the future come from exposure to novel ideas, experiences and shared moments.


By feeding the mind and exposing what exists and what's possible, we can ignite a spark. Confident curiosity and creativity can unveil a child's uniqueness and signal to those around them how to nurture their potential!


Generosity of spirit 

We believe that everyone can, and wants to, make a contribution to bettering this world.


We aim to break down barriers and create opportunities to experience the joy and personal value of giving and connecting with new people in new ways.

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A Youth Leadership    programme which empowers young people to support children in their community.

Our Programmes

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A community programme strengthening bonds in families. 

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Monthly experiential excursions connecting a range of new people and inspiring learning in  new places in new ways. 


After schools recreation and learning groups led by play ambassadors or volunteers.

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A time for secondary learners to connect with and inspire primary school children.

What's new

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