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Resilience Through Action 

Training and workshops packed with therapeutic insights and practical evidenced based tools tailored to support well-being and build resilience and to teach the POWER of PLAY


Our courses and workshops are for children and young people and the people supporting them.


The platform offers a diverse range of dynamic workshops specifically curated to increase understanding of resilience and its profound effect on mental well-being. By promoting self-awareness, we provides individuals with an extensive array of information and tools empowering them to strengthen their own Resilience Toolbox.


We strengthen the capacity of parents, caregivers, education and health personnel to understand their own nervous system and to better manage their own emotions, enabling them to be fully present to support and nurture children and young people in their care.

Our content draws from theories and principles of learning through play, neurodevelopment, attachment theory, sensory processing, polyvagal theory, window of tolerance model, somatic experiencing and trauma-informed practice.


Topics we cover

  • A Sensory and Trauma informed Lens to Understand Behaviours

  • A Visual Model to understand Stress and Trauma

  • Principles and Practices to increase Self-Awareness

  • Effective Emotional Regulation Tools and Techniques

  • Play-based Approach & Resilience-Building Practices


How is this deliverd 

​Our training can be tailor-made for any audience. 

  • Short  30-45 mins sessions for children

  • Day workshop for caregivers

  • Modules delivered in several 2 hour sessions for parents, teams or staff with, or working with, children.

Using a participatory and fun approach we are all about sharing relevant and meaningful information in accessible ways, fostering self-awareness through feeling and experiencing  and imparting new tools and techniques through active participation

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