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Our Beneficiaries
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Our BeneficiAries

Creating the joy of being a child

Since 2009 we have connected with over 50 partners throughout the Western Cape. The range includes children’s Homes, Educare Centres, Community Centres and Schools. We work to create positive, fun and transformational experiences for the children in their care. We provide play and recreational opportunities to complement their work to help inspire children, lift their mental health and connect them with new people, places and ideas. 

Since 2020 we have focused 60% of our work in the Gugulethu community of Cape Town.

Our events are aimed at enabling 5 to 14 year olds to have richer life experiences however our programmes focus on building families and positive role models and so include younger children and older adolecents.


Our Supporters

We can only make the impact we are striving towards with the trust and generous support of our sponsors. We value each and every partnership, financial donation or gift in kind that helps to bring some joy to a child’s heart and a brightness to their future. 

Our Gold Stars

Together we can!

Regular support which makes it easier for us to plan. 

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CP Trust

Chase Trusler - Our Sports Ambassador

Ross Metcalfe

Tsholofelo Mpuru

Paula Youens

Our Silver Stars

A vital contribution!

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Kathleen Kischke

Judy Seymour

Ros Koch Photography

Tanya Rix: Tesign Website development

Our Supporters
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