We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today
- Stacia Tauscher


Sisanda FunDaytion is a non-profit organisation working with volunteers to influence the lives of disadvantaged children in South Africa through recreation, education and inspirational fun. 

Our vision is a world in which all children can experience the joy of being children and have the chance to laugh, run, jump and play. Through our programmes we harness the energy of volunteers to help our children learn about and enjoy the wonders of the world they live in.

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Support Sisanda!

Here at Sisanda FunDaytion we are working hard to try and get some joy into children’s lives. Mental health is at major risk now. We want to do what we can to help lift the spirits of children and families. 

We are looking for your support with the following:

Play@Home programme: this is aimed at encouraging fun, playful and light interaction of the family at home.  We create Play@home sheets with a range of simple and enjoyable activities that create a little laughter, that stimulate some creativity and that nurture family connections. 

Volunteering opportunity:

Provide ideas for the Play@Home sheets 

Use your graphic design skills to create the sheets 

Translate the Play sheets into Xhosa and Afrikaans. 

Or contribute a cup of coffee a week to help us reach those who need some joy at home. http://www.sisanda.org.za/donate


Sisanda Storytime: this programme creates a shared, warm and connected space for anyone, young or old. It is a wonderful way to engage from your living room and to reach into other peoples’ hearts with your presence whether just to listen or to share a story yourself. 

Volunteering opportunity: 

Share your voice and energy through telling stories, or share this information with others who need a virtual hug right now. 

Or contribute a cup of coffee a week to help us reach those who need some joy at home. http://www.sisanda.org.za/donate


Please help us on this journey 😊

Don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook & Instagram…we need to inspire more little smiles out there and every click of yours helps! 

Connect with us through info@sisanda.org.za  or 0845715030 and let us know how you would like to get involved. 


Sisanda FunDaytion update


Dear Volunteers

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown in South Africa has had a devastating impact especially on already vulnerable communities. Sisanda FunDaytions programmes have as a result and not surprisingly been affected. Our mission is to ensure the value of recreation is experienced by all children by harnessing the energy of volunteers to provide a range of experiences, opportunities, and catalytic moments. Vulnerable children in our townships very rarely get the opportunity to learn, play and grow in different environments, with new people and in new ways. The current change in life exacerbates this gap. A time when more privileged children have access to on-line learning and playing and more spacious and resourced environments many other children are cramped up in homes with few items to stimulate them.


Our last formal SF programme, Children’s Olympics with 39 young primary school children, was run on 14 March (http://www.sisanda.org.za/event/olympics-at-wynberg-girls-high-school). Our subsequent activities were then put on hold and will continue in this way for the foreseeable future. We have not however been sitting back waiting, instead we have started to divert our energies!  Hungry tummies are a major concern, as are the needs of hungry little minds.


During the crisis SF continues to help vulnerable children through our community partners. We have made monetary donations for food distributions to four of our existing partners who provide education and after schools support. We have also connected with two new partners, Red Cross Children’s Hospital Paedspal who are feeding sick children and Lock Down Ladels who have co-founded a COVID-19 feeding scheme, for whom we have also been making and delivering soup.


To feed hungry minds, in line with SFs mission, we have donated games and craft material to engage children at home. We are especially proud of our emerging Sisanda Fun@Home programme which provides ideas to help parents and children stay active and inspired while following the ‘stay at home’ mandate. We include a range of activities sparking use of creative, fine motor and imaginative abilities which are appropriate for low tech, low resource and modest environments. Keeping physically active and building strength is made fun alongside techniques, such as Yoga moves, to calm the mind and body. ‘FunSheets’ are handed out alongside food distributions and when needed accompanied by education on personal protection related to COVID-19.

Sisanda Storytime, initiated in week one of our lock down (30th March), has continued two to three times a week sharing stories with kids by dramatic and engaging stroytellers. This program will look to grow within our Sisanda Connect programme encouraging teens to tell stories across a Zoom platform to children within their own homes or children’s centers.


Going forward SF will be following government directives and working with partners to determine when and how to restart our usual activities. We will also continue innovating with alternative ways in this new normal, to journey with children in our townships and vulnerable spaces towards becoming healthy and happy adults.


We appreciate any ideas you may have to continue to a world in which all children can experience the joy of being children.



Nicky Seymour

On behalf of Sisanda FunDaytion




Feeding tummies and minds

 Over the last month the Sisanda team has been joining hands with old and new partners to fill little tummies and minds. This is a scary time for most but we are not afraid of change - a chance to show our adaptability, resilience and love for our country.


We have phenomenal partners leading food distributions including Vusa Rugby and Learning academy; Lock Down Ladles and 1 for 1     We celebrate you!

In addition to contributing to fill tummies SF continues to stimulate little minds to build resilience needed for now and the future.  On-line Sisanda Storytime keeps the creative juices flowing and Sisanda Fun@Home sheets provide stimulating ideas to laugh, learn and stay safe while at home.  Thank-you to PowerEd for keeping us fit! 

We welcome any ideas or support to keep feeding these little tummies and minds! 

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