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Our Impact

Planting the Seed, Growing Together

With our focus on empowering positive role models we are able to have a greater more enduring impact for vulnerable children in the areas we work. Bringing our skills, methods and networks to our partners often opens new opportunities making our impact more enduring.

From our start in 2009 until the start of the COVID 19 Pandemic in March 2020 we ran a Fun Day every month. Thousands of children have been supported with the help of our volunteers to opportunities where they are free, where they have access to the beauty of our country and where they feel important, cared for and inspired.

Our focus is connection …..and this has had spin-offs such as volunteers and sponsoring organisations providing Christmas presents, food parcels, infrastructure upliftment, work experience and even in one case leading to an adoption.

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Our Programmes

Connecting virtually through weekly storytime session

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Connecting small groups  to have fun learning new skills 


Connecting young people for a day of fun and peer learning

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Connecting youth as positive role models with their communities

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Connecting family members through play 

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Connecting our diverse society through a full day of fun

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Every donation helps connect a smile to child.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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We believe in the importance of play and recreation for healthy, holistic development of the mind, body and soul.


Building social and emotional skills through meaningful and enjoyable experiences can help you become an adaptable, resilient, creative, compassionate and curious individual.


We believe fun, laughter and enjoyment are catalysts to an open mind and an open heart.

Our Values

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Connections: Ubuntu

We believe that a better future for SA lies in the ability for people to understand each other and respect each other, to see the similarities, appreciate the differences, and feel confident with interaction.


We believe we can all learn from each other and through this, we continue to grow.


We all have a responsibility communicate and interact the best we can and to empower those more vulnerable to reach their potential.


We believe that hopes, dreams and inspiration come from exposure to novel ideas, experiences and learning moments. By feeding the mind and showing what exists and what's possible, we can ignite a spark...stimulate curiosity and creativity. We can create a drive to invest in life now!

Generosity of spirit 

We believe that everyone can, and wants to, make a contribution to bettering this world. We aim to break down barriers and to stimulate the joy in giving and connecting. 




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