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Sisanda FunDaytion

What a difference a day makes

Sisanda FunDaytion is a non-profit organisation enriching and protecting the lives of disadvantaged children and youth in South Africa by building relationships and inspiration through recreation and play. We empower positive role models who uplift children’s well-being and develop their potential. 

 We are creating South Africa’s tomorrow by putting everything into today.


What We Do

Making A Difference


We Build Confidence, Communication Skills and Creativity

Learning to love ourselves and interact effectively with our world are building blocks strengthened by a creative mind which can turn even the toughest moments into opportunities.

We Connect Though Play

We believe in the importance of play and recreation for healthy, holistic development of the mind, body and soul. Building social and emotional skills through meaningful and enjoyable experiences can help you become an adaptable, resilient, creative, compassionate and curious individual. We believe fun, laughter and enjoyment are catalysts to an open mind and an open heart.


We Inspire through New Opportunities

We believe that hopes, dreams and inspiration come from exposure to novel ideas, experiences and moments. By feeding the mind and showing what’s possible, we can ignite a spark. We can create a drive to invest in life now!

We Grow Ubuntu, Connections and Social Confidence

We believe that a better future for SA lies in the ability for people to understand each other and respect each other, to see the similarities, appreciate the differences, and feel comfortable with interaction. We believe we can all learn from each other and through this we continue to grow. Everyone needs positive role models and we aim to build them and to connect them to young minds eager to learn.


We Enable Volunteering and Generosity of Spirit

We believe that everyone can make a contribution and we aim to break down barriers and to help grow the joy in giving and in connecting.

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