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Our Approach 

We facilitate a range of experiences for disadvantaged children feeding the mind, body and spirit to stimulate excitement and a sense of possibility for the future.
Through our three Play Programmes: Fun Days, Play@home and Circles we unite people of different ages, backgrounds and cultures creating a sense of Ubuntu and helping children develop social confidence, a positive growth mindset and skills for the future.  
We empower youth and adults from different backgrounds through our Volunteer and Play Ambassador programme to become positive role models for children and co-create opportunities for joy, connection and growth.


Fun Day outings

'I never knew I could do that'

Fun Days are about exploration! A full day experience in areas of natural beauty or at locations that are generally difficult for many children to access, including visits to cultural events and unique places of interest


Through Sisanda Fun Days and our School Connect programme we create these educational and inspirational opportunities for children to meet new people, expand their knowledge of the country they live in and learn about themselves in new environments.

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